Terianne Stratton

My current body of work allows me to draw from my background in printmaking, painting and photography - combining these techniques with the encaustic process. I allow experimentation and the unexpected to inform my work. 

I'm inspired by the universal and fundamental elements of the natural world - What are their forms and what do they look like on a micro level?  What is their essence and their essential energy? I want to convey a deep truth about our connection to nature. I'm interested in the inner landscape and investigate the concept of time, motion and stillness. This is my way of exploring and defining connection and continuity. 

My aim is to illustrate this connection using the vocabulary of abstraction. My intention is to create a tangible sense of energy and animated quality that invigorates the viewer.

I begin with photographs of abstracted details from the world around me. The photographs are printed using archival paper and ink, then I mount them on cradled birch plywood frames. I also paint and draw directly on the photograph before I begin to apply the layers of hot wax. I embed the photograph with the encaustic medium and use the layers of hot wax to fuse collage elements into the image. The wax and layering gives a translucent effect. I employ a number of printmaking techniques to the final surface; for example, etching and scarring of the surface with rubbed in pigments and image transfers.


Terianne received a BFA in Printmaking/Photo-Intaglio from The University of Florida and post graduate studies in Printmaking from The University of Northern Iowa and Painting at the University of Miami.

After being a long-time resident of Miami Beach, Florida she spent formative time living and working in Italy. 

Now Terianne lives and works on the magnificent Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.


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